Lupus in Fabula

26 June 2015

Lupus in Fabula is an adventure game with lite puzzles (medieval-fantasy-fable-puzzle-thing, technically someplace between Middle Ages bestiary, Francois Rabelais, Brueghel (the Younger!) paintings, Black Adder and Lost in Space).

In game, you control two characters who, by terrible chance of magic misfire of the sort (to be explained at the end), must work together to escape the series of incommodious dungeons and their seldom friendly inhabitants, while promoting friendship among different species. At the same time they are under observation by an alien gang and a raven, who seem to be rather interested in progress of the unfortunate duo.

The game will be available for Win/OSX/Linux and shalt sport gamepad support as well. The total amount of levels is 21 where the first 20 are stages of various length but the last, 21st level, takes place in a village where a bunch of quests and medieval problematicks must be endured and fixed before the tale is wrapped up.

I'm hoping to be done with it at/or about September if all goes well.

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