13 February 2016

Blimey! Time pass by but I didn't abandon the work yet. I know it said 'September' to be release date but which year I'm not so sure (hopefully this one will do). Anyways, a lot of hardware issues with win10 got me to slow things down (took a loong break) but now the problems are fixed so I can slowly progress with some work on Fabula.

Yep, there has been some work done and a bunch of new ideas added, might call them 'feature creep' but I like them and gonna keep feature creeping until the engine explodes. Heck, the game itself is using a lot of resources and there is no way around it but to actually put them all in the pot. Frankly, I would rather do that than cut the game to pieces just to keep things 'simple' or whatever design mantra might ask for (screw those anyway).

So, until some further stuff to show, which will likely appear on Twitter rather than here (images and such), have a nice Friday the 13th.

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